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Fine art pastel paintings. Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cotswolds, Bristol.

Cat portraits, Dog portraits, horse portraits, guinea pig portraits, Tiger portraits, Lion portraits, Panther portraits, Leopard portraits, Elephant portraits, Big cat portraits, Monkey portraits, Butterfly portraits, 
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My latest work will always be on the home page until placed in the gallery

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Jacki is a pastel artist working in Gloucester creating beautiful paintings of wildlife & pet portraits.

Endangered species are close to her heart & she donates artwork to charities like "Sketch for Survival", "Save the elephant" and many more.

Her style is realism so her commissions are very life like. Attention to detail is paramount in her work.

Her paintings sell across the world and her pet portraiture is in high demand. She works from photographs which means it is very easy to commission. Ongoing updates are available if desired.

Prints are of very high quality & limited editions come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Jacki is often found at local shows in Gloucester, Cheltenham & Stroud where she can be seen doing demos. She is also found at local exhibitions and also online.

Enjoy browsing her artwork.

I am available to commission Pet portraits and wildlife.
Please ensure the reference photographs you send are clear and of good quality. Wildlife photos must be copyright free.
To commission a pet portrait, please head to order form where you can send details of your wishes.


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Photo of the artist Jacqueline Edmonds

Hi, my name is Jacki and I am a self taught artist with over 40 years experience.

I was born in Gloucestershire. After leaving school I went on to work with horses for quite a few years before settling to have my beautiful daughters.

Animals have always been in my life so it was a natural choice to draw and paint them. 

I worked in oils for nearly 30 years before discovering pastels which I now do exclusively.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website where you will find previous commissions and artwork for sale right through to works in progress.

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