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I was fortunate enough to win a pet portrait by Jacki in a raffle; I was amazed to see how perfectly Jacki was able to capture Fligh's (my parent's dog) character and personality from a few old photos; we loved it so much that my husband then asked Jacki to do one of our dachshund Belle for my birthday; again she managed to capture her perfectly getting the right mixture of inquisitive and cautious in her expression. Since then we have had another 2 portraits for friends and family, one of Grace the dachshund and another of my husband's 3 dogs waiting to go inside after a walk; a particularly precious one as one of the dogs is no longer with us. Again everyone who sees them is amazed by Jacki's talent skill - we won't be going anywhere else for portraits in the future!

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The portrait of Timmie the dachshund is fantastic. You captured his expression and the look in his eyes perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a better service. You are obviously very talented and I would really recommend you to anyone. Excellent service, great price and a gorgeous portrait that will last forever.


I try to capture the character of each animal I paint, whether a much loved pet or an elusive wild creature. Using only the best archival materials.

Please enjoy a tour of the galleries of original work & previous portraits.

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